so bobby has had some bad stuff happening to him.

im sorry bobby, i wished for bad and you got bad…… :/ i feel bad now

and im going through shit too, this post is for those people.

lmao at that song,

you.ugly.bitch~you need to know your station roman some alterations on your clothes and your prey.

For now on

these are my rants about bobby.

you.ugly.bitch~<—- says it all

i have. a . b043r

lawlz bebz <3 ♥♥

you.ugly.bitch~☻LMFAO @ how Microsoft put a black smiley face in there.

gays. read this.

ok. i have to say it.

why does everyone think “oh you better like gays they are so fun.”

no i hate them

seriously you were made a certain way, just live it.

up the ass is so nasty.

you fucking homosexuals are so fucking nasty.

Are there any homo rulers? Nope.

Have any homos done anything good? Nope.

Lady Gaga sucks ass (don’t get horny when I say ass)

you stupid niggers.

LOL that’s what someone told me…

you.ugly.bitch~im not sure to support em or not


fuck you.

you.ugly.bitch~u gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Talk to me.
I can fix your little homosexual problems.
Ok, I saw this. Amen.

Ok, I saw this. Amen.

so ya; here it is…

alrighty, so im super pissed off at this person- person i will rename you Bobby.. again

Bobby why do you think you are better than everyone else.










fuck you!!!

i fucking hate you you fucking cunt go fuck yourself nobody fucking likes you and your fucking self go fucking burn in fucking hell i fucking hate you, you dumb fuck.

you.ugly.bitch~i hate you bobby, IF that’s your real name…(which it isn’t)


just. fuck people.

you.ugly.bitch~i hate people so much :/


im just going to rant.

i fucking hate things

  • i go outside-its raining
  • i go inside so i can go on the computer-internet is out
  • i go to the bathroom- constipated
  • i go to watch tv- sister is watching some gay runway show
  • i go to my room to pleasure myself- not horny

what else is there to do?